The Little Green Man Aint Playin’

Inside we’ve got your first look at the cover art and synopsis from Warwick Davis’ next Leprechaun flick, Leprechaun: Back 2 the Hood, thanks to Adam (Leppie 6). Lions Gate Films sixth film in the franchise hits theaters December 30th.
Leppie 6 writes in that Lions Gate Films updated their official website with the following cover art and synopsis. “He’s back, he’s mean…he’s high? Again? The Leprechaun is back in the hood, all blazed up and seeking revenge! When a group of friends discovers his treasure, they soon find out they’ve unleashed a can of whoop ass! With their stack of riches, the group of hoodlums goes from poor to ghetto-fabulous overnight, spending their newfound loot on pimped-out cars and hair extensions. One by one the friends stand up to the weed-smoking, knife-wielding, car-stealing Leprechaun who will stop at nothing to get his treasure back. Evil has a whole new rap and the kids from the hood had better watch their backs!” For more images, head on over to Warwick Davis’ official site.

Source: Leppie 6, Lions Gate Films